How to throw a: Raclette Party

Merry Christmas Eve!! These parties are perfect for the cold winter months and really gathers your guests together and have a great evening while each person cooks up their own variation to have with the cheese.

Raclette is a typically Swiss meal to have while skiing. Its all about hot, melty, rich cheese. However, I think this is perfect for the winter months when we have to stay extra warm whether we are skiing or not.

Firstly you will need to get the Raclette I always say get more than less just in case you have extremely hungry guests that day. I would say a minimum of 4 slices per person. You can get different variations of flavours if you so wish and if you can find them.

You will need to get some vegetables such as; peppers, mushrooms, onions, pickles and tomatoes. I would suggest slicing and dicing the mushrooms, peppers and onions so either you can add them to your plate or to the cheese so that it cooks under the heat.

The bed of the cheese are the fluffy potatoes that need to be boiled and served pipping hot.

Add to the table with a selection of meats which can include whatever you fancy I decided to serve; chorizo, salami, ham and Serrano ham.

Something that I added that I have never done before was the sour cream, it was an excellent add on! It added the fresh taste to the whole dish, I would definitely suggest!

Finally, once you have melted your cheese and poured on to your potatoes you can season the top with some pepper and paprika and there you have a wonderful plate of food.


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