Cooking & Lifestyle

Through my posts you will find out I love cooking all types of food with many different flavours. The easiest way for me to find recipe is to be inspired by whats in my fridge, convenience and not wasting food products is important to me. My favourite meals to make are the healthiest ones as I know I will feel good afterwards. Being inspired by the many amazing blogs, I like to explore the different styles of food for example vegetarian and vegan, but I do cook with animal products as well.


My wonderful dog Betty is also a big lover of the healthy food I make 🙂 She always tries to make me share!

Another love of mine is exercise. Although I love it, I am still learning to involve it my day to day life. I have tried many different sports and I find for every mood there is a good one. What I find great about exercise is that it makes me more focused during the day when I have to do the little but important things like paperwork and all the things in life that no one particularly likes to do (I think!). Like exercise I do love travelling. Being fortunate enough to have grown up in an international environment I feel I have discovered many things. However, I know there is so much more out there that I would like to see and educate myself with.